Apple Account Auto Verify

  A tool I wrote in C# that automatically verifies apple accounts. Below is a link to the source code (Visual Studio 2010), however if you meet the following criteria, you can use it without modifying the code. Windows computer running .Net 4.0 Running Exchange 2010 Know the username and password to the mailbox that… Continue reading Apple Account Auto Verify

OABGen will skip user entry…SMTP address is invalid

  Receiving an error message on your mailbox server… Source:      MSExchangeSA Event ID:    9325, 9320, 9327 Message:   OABGen will skip user entry ‘Display Name’ in address list ‘\Address List’ because SMPT address ‘’ is invalid. This was happening on my server, however the names that were shown didn’t have mailboxes. This is how I fixed… Continue reading OABGen will skip user entry…SMTP address is invalid

Outlook Social Connector–Missing GAL Photo

  If your Outlook Social Connector is missing photos for contacts that are in the global address list, it could be because OSC is looking at your personal contacts. To force it to look at the GAL for the photo, set this registry key.   HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Outlook Create DWORD PreferADPhotos with decimal value 1