Directory Services–Cannot Change Password – Constraint Violation nTSecurityDescriptor

  Recently I ran into an issue where trying to enable or disable the option ‘Cannot Change Password’ in Active Directory in my C# code. Using a Domain Administrator account the code worked perfectly fine, but when it was run under a non-administrator I would get “Constrain Violation Occurred” and the following exception "0000051B: AtrErr: […]

ASP.NET Web Application Uses Old User Name

Has a user’s name changed recently and they can no longer access a web application, or the information on the web application still reflects the old user name? This could be because of the server caching the old username and not looking it up each time. To confirm whether this is what is happening […]

WindowsIdentity Impersonation – An attempt was made to reference a token that does not exist

  Was working on a ASP.NET app to impersonate a domain user to access a network resource and came across the error “An attempt was made to reference a token that does not exist”. When defining the domain for the following function, make sure it is in the FQDN format. and not DC=domain,DC=com  private […]