Find mail enabled lists in SharePoint

Open SQL Query Analyzer and run the following query against your WSS_Content database. This works in SharePoint 2007 and 2010. SELECT Webs.FullUrl, AllLists.tp_Title, AllLists.tp_EmailAlias FROM AllLists Inner join webs on AllLists.tp_WebID = Webs.Id where AllLists.tp_EmailAlias is not null

Check Windows Service Status with PowerShell

I needed a way to watch a service and if it was stopped to start it. I created this PowerShell script to check it, start it and create a log, using it in a scheduled task. Make sure the service name is the name of the actual service and not the display name for the […]

SharePoint 2010 Upgrade – Database Attach Method

There are several ways of upgrading to SharePoint 2010. I decided to go with the database attach method to ensure a clean install and make sure all my end users could still "view" the SharePoint 2007 web site. My scenario was as follows.. SharePoint 2007 (Windows 2008 R2 64bit) was configured as a farm with […]