ASP.NET Web Application Uses Old User Name

Has a user’s name changed recently and they can no longer access a web application, or the information on the web application still reflects the old user name? This could be because of the server caching the old username and not looking it up each time. To confirm whether this is what is happening […]

Trend Micro OfficeScan–Manual UnInstall–Automated

Recently I’ve been having issues on a few workstations where the Trend Micro OfficeScan installation became corrupt. Attempting to re-install OfficeScan again would result in an error message saying it was already installed. All the tools that Trend Micro provided wouldn’t remove the remnants. Trend does offer a manual uninstallation method (, but takes too […]

Outlook Social Connector–Missing GAL Photo

  If your Outlook Social Connector is missing photos for contacts that are in the global address list, it could be because OSC is looking at your personal contacts. To force it to look at the GAL for the photo, set this registry key.   HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Outlook Create DWORD PreferADPhotos with decimal value 1