SharePoint 2010 Alerts – Daylight Savings Time (DST)


Are your alerts behind or ahead by an hour? Microsoft has created a PowerShell script to automatically update your alerts for daylight savings time.

You’ll want to make sure you’re running the script as a SharePoint administration from within the SharePoint Management Shell.

  1. Add the PowerShell script to the scope
    • . ./Invoke-AlertFixup.ps1 (make sure there is a period, space, period)
  2. Type Invoke-AlertFixup –site <URL> –oldurl <URL> (if using this script for DST, make sure the site URL and oldurl are the same.


  • DS says:

    Any idea what it means when certain alerts are “skipped”?

    Alerts skipped (Zone): [Number of alerts skipped]

    • admin says:

      I believe it’s when there isn’t a match for the criteria. Do you see an alert in that specific site with the URL you used?

      • DS says:

        Yes, there are 13 alerts on the site – all of which are firing an hour early

        • admin says:

          Run this query against your content database to confirm the URL you’re using matches what the alert was created from:

          select * from
          (– Immediate
          select ‘Instant’ as NotifyFreq, alertTitle, listTitle, tp_email, tp_login, s.siteurl + weburl + ‘/_layouts/sitesubs.aspx’ as url from dbo.ImmedSubscriptions s join userinfo u on (s.userid = u.tp_id)
          — Scheduled
          select case NotifyFreq when 1 then ‘Daily’ when 2 then ‘Weekly’ else ‘Other’ end , alertTitle, listTitle, tp_email, tp_login, s.siteurl + weburl + ‘/_layouts/sitesubs.aspx’ as url from dbo.SchedSubscriptions s join userinfo u on (s.userid = u.tp_id)
          ) t

  • MT says:

    I checked the database and the URL looks correct. When the command is run is it suppose to show that it fixed something?

    • admin says:

      Yes, it will say fixed and a count in the command window.

      • MT says:

        Not getting the fixed message. When I run the sql script against the database I pull the url from the url line. The invokealert command is run and it show fixed as 0 and skipped as some number.

  • SPAdmin says:

    The article refers to SharePoint 2013, will it work with 2010?

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