OABGen will skip user entry…SMTP address is invalid


Receiving an error message on your mailbox server…

Source:      MSExchangeSA
Event ID:    9325, 9320, 9327
Message:   OABGen will skip user entry ‘Display Name’ in address list ‘\Address List’ because SMPT address ‘’ is invalid.

This was happening on my server, however the names that were shown didn’t have mailboxes. This is how I fixed it.

  1. If using Windows 2008 Directory Services open Active Directory Users and Computers if not open ADSI (adsiedit.msc) and browse to the user in the error message.
  2. Browse the user’s attributes and go to ‘showInAddressBook’ attribute. This should be blank if the user does not have a mailbox. If it isn’t, remove any entry listed in here and click OK.

Update: I found out why this is even happening in the first place. Consider this scenario; You need to create a new user account that won’t be mail enabled. You copy an existing user that is mail enabled to create the new user account. The showInAddressBook attributes are copied from the existing mail enabled user over to the new non-mail enabled user, causing this issue.

Solution: Create a template user that is not mail enabled to create new users from.

3 thoughts on “OABGen will skip user entry…SMTP address is invalid”

  1. Same error- but with users who do have email enabled. Exchange 2010 migration. In the end, we had to edit the default recipient policy and remove the legacy x400 portion that was still present. As soon as we did that, the email field of each AD user object populated and the OAB generated correctly. Posting because it was a pain to resolve and would like to save others from the headache. 🙂

  2. in exchange 2010 just open the user and find the attribute on the attribute editor tab. thanks for pointing it out. never would have found it. i had a user that didnt even have a mailbox with that attribute set.

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