Outlook Social Connector–Missing GAL Photo


If your Outlook Social Connector is missing photos for contacts that are in the global address list, it could be because OSC is looking at your personal contacts. To force it to look at the GAL for the photo, set this registry key.



Create DWORD PreferADPhotos with decimal value 1

4 thoughts on “Outlook Social Connector–Missing GAL Photo”

  1. HI there,

    this worked for emails that you have received and open up with the outlook social connector viewing pane open at the bottom. The social connector is now displaying the GAL photo. But if you are composing a new email than the social connector view at the bottom still does not display the GAL photo. I can definitely see the GAL photo if I click on the email address in the address bar.

      1. I have the same issue that Ash has. I cannot see my photo and address when I click create new email or in Sent Items. I can see my own photo if I have received emails (inbox).
        Outlook 2010 and should be synchornized with Global Address List because when I click on any photo it shows name, title , address and Global Address List.

  2. Thanks very much for posting. I found many posts essentially stating Contacts have priority and this is just the way it is.
    Adding the reg key sovled for us and I do see the photos when composing new.

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