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I’m a IT Executive that has been working in Information Technology for over 20 years. The purpose of this blog is to help others as they come across technical challenges and share my experiences.

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  1. Hello-

    I just discovered this through some googling and came across your pool automation set up. Love it. If possible would really like to see some more info on that and one fellow asked for email plans which it appears you have sent. Could you also send me those?

    Also, I don’t know if this page is older or not and if you continue to update it. I’m fascinated by those like yourself who document all of their tinkering. I feel as though I really need to start doing this myself.

    I’ve only just got started in my journey but I’ve done a couple cool projects:

    1) I’ve successfully wired up an ultrasonic esp sensor to help us pull the car into the correct spot in the garage. We automated this with a custom made traffic light fixture and it goes from green to yellow to red when the car is positioned correctly.

    2) I also created a pool water level sensor by repurposing a cheap zigbee contact sensor and a float switch and mounted this under my skimmer lid. Works like a charm and I’ve been notified quite a few times before the water level got too low that the pump would be sucking in a lot of air instead of water. For whatever reason the Texas summer sun really evaporates water quickly at times.

    I have quite a few more similar projects that I really should sit down and take the time to document and create something like this.

    Anyhow really enjoy this site and your posts and would like to connect. Thanks!


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