Veeam – License managed by Enterprise Manager

If you installed Veeam Enterprise Manager and uninstalled it at some point, you may notice Backup and Replication console complains that the license cannot be updated because its managed by Enterprise Manager. You can resolve this by making a simple update to a table within the SQL database.

First run the select command: SELECT * FROM Options WHERE [Name] = 'EnterpriseServerInfo'

Copy the XML and changed the XML element <IsConnected>True</IsConnected> to <IsConnected>False</IsConnected. Then run the update statement to adjust it. Remember to keep the other XML elements when you run the update statement.

UPDATE Options set VALUE = '<EnterpriseServerInfo> <IsConnected>False</IsConnected> <ServerName>BackupServerName</ServerName> <Url>https://BackupServerName:9443/</Url> <SkipLicensePush>False</SkipLicensePush> </EnterpriseServerInfo>' WHERE [Name] = 'EnterpriseServerInfo'

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